Over 80% of Americans under thirty use Facebook daily. One in four of working-age use LinkedIn. Over half of ALL Americans use at least one social network. And the numbers keep growing. Like it or not, social media is the future.

But for a business looking for qualified prospects at relatively minimum cost, there’s no reason not to like social media. Because quite simply, it has created previously impossible opportunities to relate to target audiences in practically any market.

We use Grasshopper to keep our brand consistent across traditional marketing pieces and new online outlets such as social media sites.
Murugan Chellasamy, Rminds

There’s a multitude of frequently evolving tactics to communicate with these audiences. And as with other marketing functions, a methodical, analytical approach outpaces those led by intuition.

At Grasshopper, we have the expertise to build and integrate a thoughtful social media strategy within your existing marketing environment. You’ll portray your products in a consistent, impressive way that attracts prospects and develops communities of brand evangelists, dedicated to your products. Here’s how we’ll do it:

  • Profile Management – create and manage multiple social site profiles
  • Custom Profile Development – create and integrate custom images and backgrounds
  • Multiple Site Integration – connect all social accounts to cooperate efficiently
  • Reputation Development and Management – monitor and respond to significant social mentions
  • Training – teach your team effective social media techniques
  • Content Development – produce original, high-quality posts, articles and videos
  • Social Media Analytics – analyze what works and do more of it