Good PR is more than putting out press releases and hoping they get picked up. It’s creating and delivering on a strategy  that proactively puts forth a consistent, purposeful image.

I have been very pleased with the results we’ve seen after hiring Grasshopper to help us with our marketing and PR efforts. They’ve done an excellent job both creating and implementing marketing strategies for our company, and we feel relieved knowing our goals are being accomplished. We would definitely not be on track with our marketing or PR efforts without Grasshopper’s assistance.
Beth Ardell, LearningRx Atlanta

At Grasshopper, we approach public relations in just this way. To do it, we use a full array of modernized tactics such as:

  • defining the right messaging and positioning
  • developing a long-term strategy supported by a tactical plan
  • blog creation and calendar maintenance
  • pitching events and stories to the right media outlets
  • securing speaking engagements aimed at targeted audiences
  • using social media tools to foster communication

If you’d like to talk about how public relations can help your business, just shoot us an email and we’ll discuss your company’s unique situation.