If you want more (and better) customers, look at the right data and figure out the factors with the greatest influence on these outcomes. Then act on these insights.

We use sophisticated statistical and data mining techniques to distill value from your internal and our external data sources. The result is highly tuned marketing aimed at targeted prospects and customers, allowing you to spend less, get more customers, and make them more content.

Get more customers (Direct marketing)

We identify your most likely prospects. And we determine the most effective mix of product, sales material, marketing channel and timing to pursue different prospect segments. You get faster sales growth and lower per-customer cost.

Sell them more (Cross-selling) 

We analyze your customer behavior data to discover concealed relationships and reveal cross selling opportunities. This boosts customer loyalty and raises per-customer profit.

Keep them (Customer retention) 

Instead of reacting to customers wanting to leave, after you have little chance of changing the decision, first determine those most likely to go. Then proactively make them more satisfied. We examine your customers’ historical behavior patterns to determine the likelihood each of them wants to end (or reduce) his relationship in the near future. We help you develop good retention offers, and we test each for effectiveness. In other words, you’ll know who to appease, and you’ll know how to do it. You’ll keep your customers, and you keep them happier.
If you want more (and better) customers, let’s talk.

The diagram below gives a high-level summary of our response modeling process.

Grasshopper Marketing data driven process