Grasshopper was great to work with - Thanks so much for all of your efforts!
Melissa Baumbick, Impact Search Partners

 Grasshopper brings a refreshing and creative touch to projects. They are flexible to work with, and are very comfortable with the latest technology and what is appropriate for their clients. My favorite thing was their team work — it works! There is good give and take resulting in the best final product.
Marla McDaniel, Barnabas Center

Grasshopper was able to take over our unplanned project completely – their finished work was on time and on budget, and it was flawless. For a project that wasn’t even on my radar before it landed on my desk, I was relieved to have them on my team.
Sandy Laudenslayer, McKesson

I LOVE LOVE LOVE our ACA Videos — they turned out terrific!!!
Jeanne Krebs, ADP

Grasshopper is our go-to marketing resource. They easily handle anything we throw at them.
Nicole Cox, ADP

I joined three months ago as Sr VP of Customer Innovation. I’m about to crank up our marketing efforts, and in reviewing our past marketing initiatives, Grasshopper’s work stood out by a mile in quality, strategic approach and lead generation effectiveness. I’d like to talk to you and discuss re-engaging your firm.
Chris Peters,

We chose to go with Grasshopper after reviewing several different web design options. They provided constructive criticism of our original website and then gave us ideas about how to make changes. They were very warm, flexible and easy to work with. Grasshopper was the only one that really got what we did in our niche and we were able to exchange ideas throughout the entire process. Building a website requires a lot of action on both our part and theirs. I appreciated that Shannon would remind me every so often when they still needed things from me (copy, input, passwords, etc.). That really helped me keep the project on track and have our website finished on time.
Rafael Scarnati, Learning Foundations

I love that Grasshopper over-delivered and gave me more logo choices then I thought I was going to see.
Amanda Cribbs, Cribbs Properties

Grasshopper has been our marketing department for the past 9 years and I have been very pleased with everything they have done. They always comes up with new ideas and creative plans for our online and offline marketing and they always consider our cost-benefit.
Chris Poholek, SpaceMax Storage

We’ve used Grasshopper Marketing for several videos and they are always dead-on when communicating the right message to our audience.
Wilson Covington, SpaceMax Storage

Our branding, website and marketing strategy all needed improvement. Grasshopper developed our great new logo and tagline, then designed and implemented a website that speaks clearly and effectively. They did all this quickly, and without budget overages. Now they’re getting our overall marketing strategies in order, so we can reach much more of our target audience. The thing I really love about them is they don’t do the whole ‘the customer’s always right’ thing. They constantly steer our first instincts in better directions. And they are continually flexible and responsive to our time frames.
Murugan Chellasamy, Rminds

The Grasshopper Marketing team has exceeded every single expectation. For starters, they are exceptionally accessible, professional & process driven. Their “discovery document” is an extensive questionnaire with the intention to drill down to exactly who we are and what we need to convey that to the public. The team does not take this portion lightly. They make sure everybody is on the exact same page before moving forward. After hiring Grasshopper, I realize we would have NEVER streamlined our branding by ourselves. Thank you! Trust me, hire Grasshopper and see for yourself what value they can add to your business.
Shannan Riemer, Riemer Residential

Grasshopper is our internet marketing guru. They guided us through the website process to get our website up and running. They set up our social accounts and user review listings.
Brian Johnston, Master Craft Plumbing & Construction

We chose Grasshopper for our marketing partner because they LISTENED to us. They first understood our niche audience, then designed strategies to speak to it.
Jim Eckstein, The Angel Advisors

I have been very pleased with the results we’ve seen after hiring Grasshopper Marketing to help us with our marketing and PR efforts. Grasshopper has done an excellent job both creating and implementing marketing strategies for our company, and we feel relieved knowing our goals are being accomplished. We would definitely not be on track without Grasshopper’s assistance.
Beth Ardell, LearningRx

We retained the services of Grasshopper to help us create our image, branding, logo, website and marketing message. It was a real learning curve, made much easier by the guidance of the Grasshopper team.
John Varner, Sovereign Risk Solutions