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We understand marketing or product mangers for mid-sized businesses might not always get what they need from their in-house groups. Maybe your business doesn’t even have a true marketing person on staff. Grasshopper can fill your resource gap. We are ideally set up for mid-sized and high growth businesses that need experienced marketers but don’t want to hire a full-time team.

With Grasshopper, your business can get more results from your marketing budget with almost no risk. Let us keep your marketing on track, so you can spend more time growing your business.

A risk free way to meet your marketing goals

Mid-size businesses need sound marketing to grow revenue, but they don’t have enough internal resources and they lack the budget to pay big agency prices. We founded Grasshopper Marketing in 2005 to meet that need, and since then we’ve given our clients first-rate marketing that works: on-time, on-budget and on-track.

Grasshopper is a unique marketing agency made up of talented professionals who use modern communications to eliminate the need for a brick-and-mortar office. Some might say we’re a virtual agency. Fact is, we’re quite real, and quite good. We’re just not all in one place.

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The easy way to better marketing

Grasshopper wants to make your life easier. We offer mid-size businesses these services:

  • lead generation planning and execution
  • marketing and sales material design
  • marketing tactics management
  • public relations planning and execution
  • social media design and coordination
  • email marketing and execution

Our full line of services



Distinguish what you sell in a remarkable way.

iconinbound marketing

Start attracting prospects instead of interrupting them.


Craft your company’s unique story and share it with the world.

iconsearch optimization

Optimize your website to attract the right prospects.

iconpredictive models

Find better prospects and sell them more stuff.

iconoutsource it all

Leverage us as your in-house marketing team.


Determine what’s working and do more of it.

iconsocial media

It’s the new word-of-mouth. Join the conversation.

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What does this mean to your business?

scalable Scalability

Adjust marketing budget in concert with business growth.

game plan Greater Efficiency

Get more results from your budget using a seasoned, full-service marketing team at lower cost than an employee.

faster Faster Execution

Start and finish new projects quickly, with no dependency on fixed employees.

check mark Client-side Knowledge

We’ve been in your shoes. Access experience related to your specific issues.

toolbox Full Service Agency

Let our team handle everything from design, content, printing and execution. You just call us, we’ll do the rest.

more time 2 More Time

Give greater focus to what you do best - managing your division.


Our related work and case studies

Read how our mid-sized clients got quick results and felt relieved their marketing projects were finally being handled. We’ve created countless presentations and built lots of lead gen campaigns for businesses both on the client-side and agency-side. Below are a few examples of what the Grasshopper team has done for our mid-size clients.

Rminds is one of a new breed of IT professional services company. Instead of taking the stereotypical chop shop approach, treating its employees as mercenaries, Rminds dedicated itself to making constant investments to enhance its consultants’ skillsets, promote their careers, and maximize their productivity for our clients. Read how we helped relaunch the company and maintain their ongoing marketing efforts.

Click here to read the full case study: Rminds

Let’s get started

As you can see, we’re excited to work with mid-size businesses. Let’s discuss how we can take your marketing to the next level.

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