We believe we’re an extension of our clients’ companies and we serve accordingly. We join traditional branding services with advanced analytical techniques to help our clients find the right prospects and deliver just the right message. We’re successful because we develop and execute highly focused messaging and design.

Unlike traditional marketing firms, we integrate inbound marketing strategies to help our clients get found by more qualified leads, close more sales, and create brand evangelists to attract and grow a loyal customer base.

Your company’s unique. Its marketing materials should articulate the specific power and value proposition of your products. Grasshopper delivers strategy, planning and tactical execution for most conventional initiatives.


Distinguish what you sell in a remarkable way.
iconpredictive models

Find better prospects and sell them more stuff.
iconoutsource it all

Leverage us as your in-house marketing team.
iconinbound marketing

Start attracting prospects instead of interrupting them.

Determine what’s working and do more of it.

Craft your company’s unique story and share it with the world.
iconsocial media

It's the new word-of-mouth. Join the conversation.
iconsearch optimization

Optimize your website to attract the right prospects.

Build a high-performing interactive marketing portal.

Well positioned visuals to engage your audience.
iconpublic relations

Transform your company’s great ideas and products into a lasting reputation.