How do you break through the healthcare marketing clutter?

Health-related research is among the very top online activities worldwide. In the US alone, more than 100 million Americans per year will visit health-related sites. Companies that can reach and speak to that audience have a great advantage over their competitors. But that means breaking through all the marketing noise, which is easier said that done.

There are three strategies to help get your company’s voice heard:

  1. Instead of broadcasting messages, develop and share content using solid inbound marketing techniques
  2. Emphasize social media outlets and content sharing tactics that aren’t overly crowded with competition
  3. Outsource more of your marketing strategy and execution, especially those areas less limited by in-house perspectives and bureaucracy

See our infographic How Healthcare Marketers use Content Marketing.

Use Inbound Marketing tactics. Pull, not push.

Traditional outbound marketing tactics deliver messages that hope to catch the attention of a (hopefully) qualified audience. In an age where prospects have more and more control of message filtering, such techniques are less and less effective. Outbound marketing certainly has its place, but companies that rely on it completely risk acquiring fewer customers at an ever growing cost per acquisition. Inbound marketing - where companies earn prospects’ attention by delivering valuable and compelling content - gains more engaged customers at a much lower cost. Content via blogs, videos, SEO and social media pull prospects toward your company, rather than trying to beg or buy your way in. Read our Starter Guide to Social Media & Inbound Marketing and What is Inbound Marketing.

A clear path to your marketing goals

From quick projects to long-term strategic plans, Grasshopper Marketing keeps your projects on-time, on-budget and on-track.

Grasshopper is a unique marketing agency made up of talented professionals who use modern communications to eliminate the need for a brick-and-mortar office. Some might say we’re a virtual agency. Fact is, we’re quite real, and quite good. We’re just not all in one place.

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The easy way to better healthcare marketing

Grasshopper makes your marketing day easier. We offer healthcare clients a full suite of services, including:

  • Content marketing & SEO
  • Social media marketing
  • ROI and analytics programs
  • Campaign design and dev
  • Marketing communications
  • Branding & messaging

Our healthcare marketing work and case studies

Read how our healthcare clients got quick results by outsourcing key projects. Here are a few examples of what the Grasshopper team has done:

Health care reform is as complex an issue as we’ve seen in quite some time, and ADP needed to help its clients and prospects understand how the specific requirements in the Affordable Care Act will require a change in the way they conduct business. From shared responsibility provisions to new excise taxes and more, the ACA legislation is the perfect vehicle to remind ADP prospects of the value of an integrated human capital management system.

Click here to see the videos: ADP ACA Videos

Our full line of services



Distinguish what you sell in a remarkable way.

iconinbound marketing

Start attracting prospects instead of interrupting them.


Craft your company’s unique story and share it with the world.


Well positioned visuals to engage your audience.

iconpredictive models

Find better prospects and sell them more stuff.

iconoutsource it all

Leverage us as your in-house marketing team.


Determine what’s working and do more of it.

iconsocial media

It’s the new word-of-mouth. Join the conversation.

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