5 Outsourcing Advantages for your Marketing Team

Outsourced marketing doesn’t mean shipping jobs out of the country. It’s about making your life easier by giving some of your marketing to-do list to a team who can handle it all for you.

5 Outsourcing Advantages for yourMost of our mid-sized and corporate clients have internal marketing teams who handle most day-to-day marketing tactics. But they don’t always have enough time, or specialized expertise, to develop and execute a full range of marketing functions. So where can they go for last-minute and specialized marketing?

That’s where a small, nimble marketing agency (ahem, like Grasshopper Marketing) steps in, gets up to speed and tackles the project. Let’s run through the outsourcing advantages for your marketing team:


1) No wasted overhead.

Budgets are tight for almost all companies and departments. Rather than paying an in-house person a full time salary and benefits to drink coffee and talk about American Idol, you could pay an agency for only the time spent on your actual project.

Plus, you wouldn’t have to pay unemployment insurance, taxes, healthcare for these “outsourced” marketing communications team members.


2) Strategic thinking.

If you’re an organization with a few hard-working marketing people who are super busy, many times the strategic marketing planning never gets considered. Outsourcing the strategic thinking fills the strategic need with strategic experts who aren’t stuck in the day-to-day weeds.


3) Specialized experience.

Your in-house team does what it does, and you’re comfortable with it. But more and more of your competitors are using videos, social media and digital marketing, and you’re not sure how to make that happen. You could ask your internal team, but it’s not readily in its skill set.

Outsourcing gives your company access to every marketing talent available, without having to take on permanent employees. Individuals, even the most talented and experienced, tend to be limited. Outsourced marketing has no such limits.


4) Fresh perspective.

Some companies get so used to doing things the same way, the marketing becomes stale. As market behaviors shift and formerly underserved audiences gain speed, outsourced agencies can ensure your company keeps up with the changing landscape.


5) Fast ramp-up.

Internal teams can struggle to execute things they haven’t done before. Internal teams have learning curves. Outsource marketing avoids a significant part of the learning curve, since they have greater experience, through expertise in a full range of marketing disciplines, developing and executing a full range of marketing strategies.

If you want to get more out of your company’s marketing, but don’t want to actually grow your marketing team, think about how using an outsourced marketing agency can get you exactly what you need, in the time you need it, and without destroying your budget.


Want to unload a project from your to-do list and make your life easier? Or need some help making dry content really pop?