5 Time Management Tips

I love trying to control time. What a joke, right? I think women have to be especially good at it … we get to run a business, a family, a household, and a life. Here are a few tips to help keep me headed in the right direction.

1) Write everything down. I don’t bother with electronic calendars. My to-do lists and appointments are all written on an old fashioned paper calendar that sits on my desk, where I can see and edit it all the time.

2) Write a to-do list the night before. This helps me sleep better and then I can hit the ground running in the morning after looking at my prioritized list of things to do.

3) Multi-tasking is bad. I turn off email, phone, social media, etc. so I can focus on the one thing in front of me.

4) Set time limits. I give myself 1-hour blocks to get projects or defined chucks of projects done at a time. Then I stand up and stretch. Movement is key to blood flow to the brain (and to keep those good ideas popping).

5) Remember time is your friend, it is not something to battle. I don’t have to get everything on my list done today. Sometimes, a better idea or solution shows up the next day. I try to be patient with myself and my to-so list.

For more tips and see a Grasshopper Marketing mention, read this blog post on Go Girl Finance (you can see Grasshopper’s quote at the very very bottom).




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