What would you like to know?

How is hiring Grasshopper different than hiring permanent marketing staff?

When your company needs multiple marketing skill sets, but lacks the budget for employees in each, we supply on-demand expertise and deliverables in each marketing area, allowing you to cover all your needs without fixed costs and risk. Your in-house team’s perspective can stagnate over time, as your employees consider the marketing of your single company, day after day. Our agency is immersed in the strategies of many organizations, and our team maintains perspective that keeps our clients at the forefront of every meaningful trend.


Can my company afford Grasshopper?

If your company has a marketing budget, we are one of the most efficient ways of spending it. If yours lacks resources for much more than a do-it-yourself approach to marketing, we probably won’t be a good cost fit. As a basic example, our logos start at $1,800. If you’d like more info on our pricing, just email us. Or if you have a specific project in mind, you can complete our Quick RFP.


For your partner services, why shouldn’t I go to your partners directly?

If you do that, you (and our partners) will miss our guidance, which keeps your respective tactics consistently tied to your overall marketing strategy. Our input costs you nothing, since our partners pay us a nominal fee for our involvement, without increasing their price to you.


How are your marketing services priced?

We deliver our services through monthly retainer relationships and project based work. We do not work on an hourly basis.


Can I use Grasshopper on a retainer basis?

Yes. Our retainer reserves a portion of our time and guarantees your needs are served before those of non-retainer clients. Our monthly retainers start at $5,000 and support up to 30 collective hours from our team. If you’d like to learn more, just send us an email.


Can I use Grasshopper for individual projects?

Absolutely. Although we have many retainer clients, we actually prefer to start relationships with single projects of well-defined deliverables. This allows us to illustrate our skill and efficiency and to learn if we fit well with the client. Click here to see the marketing projects we can deliver for you.