Grasshopper Marketing is a unique marketing agency made up of talented professionals who use modern communications to eliminate the need for 20th century, brick-and-mortar marketing production lines. Some might say we’re a virtual agency. Fact is, we’re quite real, and quite good. We’re just not all in one place.

We operate from home offices, and we execute our projects with perpetual use of the most modern communication methods—email, text, instant messaging, phone conferencing, Google Hangout and so forth. Because of our flexible model, without permanent employees and other fixed costs, we’re able to scale to client needs quickly while maintaining relatively low costs. Our clients don’t pay us to politic around water coolers in A-space offices. They pay us to produce great stuff that gets them more leads and sales. And that’s what we do.

Kari Kenner, Founder & Managing Partner

Kari has loved marketing since she was a little kid drawing logos for her soccer team. She earned a BS in Marketing and English from Stetson University. After college, she worked in marketing departments for large companies as well as small creative agencies.

Kari founded Grasshopper in 2005, and has 18 years marketing and advertising experience on both client and agency sides. From concept to execution, she helps clients develop the ideas, images and words to reach their markets. She oversees creative and content development, while defining strategy and tactical execution for all creative marketing programs.

On the side, Kari runs a growing online toy store (Busy Brothers Toys) and uses what she learns to help her clients succeed. She’s a member of several Atlanta and Amelia Island networking groups for small business and entrepreneurs.

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Shannon Kenner, Managing Partner

Shannon’s brain is built around numbers and how they relate to the world. He studied at Georgia State, earning a BS in Mathematics and Decision Sciences. He spent the next 15 years helping small risk analysis and decisioning firms, along with big-bank analytics departments, figure out who were good and bad credit risks.

In 2011, Kari finally convinced Shannon to leave corporate America and relate his analytical prowess to marketing. So he joined Grasshopper and now applies data-driven marketing techniques to increase website traffic, attract customers, and sell products for Grasshopper clients.

In his spare time, he created the online History Buff Club and is turning it into a community for fans of movies, books, games and discussion of history and military history. Shannon is a member of Mensa and several Atlanta and Amelia Island networking groups.

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Monique Anderson, Chief Corporate Strategist

Monique loves the big picture. Bringing people, problems and processes together to form new ideas and solutions is what she does best. With an MBA from Duke, she has nearly 20 years experience helping large companies solve their most difficult marketing challenges.

Whether working with clients in healthcare, pharmaceuticals or more traditional B2B settings, Monique is a demand generation specialist dedicated to finding and fostering qualified prospects through the sales process. She works with clients to understand their business and uses that insight to create and deliver marketing solutions focused on creating demand and demonstrating ROI.

Joining Grasshopper gives Monique the chance to bring a corporate perspective to the business of serving our clients, along with a creative and enthusiastic approach to communication. A firm believer in pursuing all one’s passions, Monique is planning the launch of an online store, Gumbeaux Girl, featuring her soon-to-be world famous gumbo.

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Katherine Remmert, Consumer Brands Specialist

Katherine is passionate about reaching her B2C clients’ target consumers with meaningful marketing tactics. She works with clients to discover their ideal customers, what they want, and how to reach and engage them.

Katherine’s been knee-deep in the world of marketing since discovering its ability to grow companies while earning her MBA at the University of Virginia. Afterwards, she worked with two large consumer packaged goods companies, acting as a general manager of her brands, where she lead the creation of marketing plans for pricing strategy, promotional and advertising campaigns, cost reductions, sales material and new product launches.

Grasshopper is an ideal outlet for her talent, allowing her to brainstorm with select clients to solve customer-driven marketing challenges. At Grasshopper, she emphasizes creation of customized marketing plans that are relevant and work. When she’s not maximizing client sales, Katherine chases her three little boys around and does her best to minimize trips to the ER.

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Nicole White, Director of Content Management

Nicole’s been a writer since she can remember, back when she created annual newsletters for her family as a pre-teen, dreaming of being the White House Press Secretary. Her passion for writing has never faltered.

With a bachelor’s degree in communications and public relations from San Diego State, she’s focused her career on content creation for small businesses and non-profits, coordinating environmental and social justice campaigns, organizing volunteers during the 2008 presidential election, and developing communication programs for an economic development board’s 5-year strategy.

When not writing, Nicole enjoys active involvement in the communities where her husband’s military career takes them, from business clubs to family support groups. Nicole and her family recently relocated from Amelia Island, Florida to Groton, Connecticut where she will brave the long winters by curling up with her husband Joseph, son Grayson, and her three fur-babies Mollison, Ginger and Miles.

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Gonzo Gagliardi, Director of Multimedia Production

Born in Argentina and having lived in almost every other warm, beautiful place in the Western hemisphere, Gonzalo “Gonzo” Gagliardi has brought a cosmopolitan spirit to his work in multimedia since 1998. An exacting craftsman and envelope-pushing director, Gonzo has produced a significant variety of high production-value films, specializing in documentaries, commercials, outdoors, and point-of-view camera, as well as high risk shoots and stunts. His production credits include Fox Sports, Telemundo, Fuel TV, Lifestyle TV, Comcast, BestBuy, Costco, QVC and Home Shopping Network.

When Gonzo’s not producing, there’s more than a decent chance he’s somewhere out of doors, and most probably surfing the sometimes not-so-gentle waves of Amelia Island.

To see a bit of Gonzo’s work, watch:

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Emily Manken, Marketing Coordinator

Emily Manken is our jack of all trades, and good at all of them. Not your typical vague-purpose college graduate, she’s got perspective beyond her years, and a drive to get it done and done right.

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Carl Mattison, Designer

Carl Mattison Design. All Kinds. Award-winning, Spot-on Creative, Graphic Design & Art Direction. Traditional, Web and Social Solutions.

Duncan MacGruer, Technical Illustrator

An independent creative resource to the design, advertising and architectural communities since 1984, his work has included the design of museums and information centers, architecture, commercial signage, retail environments, fixturing, events, theatre and trade show exhibits.

Faith Cohen, Designer

Faith Cohen Designs is an art direction consulting company in existence since 2003. She transforms ideas into effective creative and collateral through branding, messaging, art direction, graphic design, illustration, printing, and more.

John Overall, WordPress Programmer and Trainer

John Overall has been working online since 1995 since just before the introduction of the first web browser. He helps our clients succeed online by producing the best quality possible WordPress website.


Kristen Nelson, Designer

Like an airplane propeller, Kristen Nelson’s one-woman design firm is something small that can move something big. She creates honest, timeless communication tools that send brands big and small zooming forward.


Liz Fusco, Copywriter

Liz Fusco Marketing crafts messaging and develops marketing and content strategy. Expert in overseeing creative and content development. Original co-founder of Grasshopper Marketing.

Scott Livingston, Programmer

Mutualism Design - Scott Livingston is an expert in graphic design, illustration, programming and motion graphics.

Veda Sammy, Designer

Art director and design consultant with more than 15 years experience in user interface design and print design. Her goal is simple: Continue creating “Catching Your Eye.©” design that communicates.