Stages, Goals and Tactics for Online Marketing

Below is our high-level strategic road map for online marketing. In the first column, the stages explain the level of involvement with the customer.

With Brand Awareness, we start by simply making people aware of the company name and its products. In the Monologue stage, we establish an online voice. As we continue down through Engagement and Conversation, we start to involve current and potential customers in an online dialogue. Once we reach the Create Advocates stage, we have created an intimate relationship with customers who are now evangelizing your message to their social networks.

Of course we would also recommend analyzing all results and adjusting the tactics based on success rates as you go. Good luck and let us know how we can help!




Brand Awareness
  1. Make people aware of brand and service
  1. Establish presence on many different online channels (search engines, social media and local search sites)
  2. Website SEO
  3. Online advertising
  1. Educate/demonstrate relevance in a friendly approachable manner
  2. Communicate as an unbiased industry thought leader
  1. Begin social media outreach
  2. Request and display customer reviews
  3. Write content on other sites/blogs
  4. Direct traffic to your site/store
  1. Get people involved through interactions
  2. Begin two-way communication
  1. Social media participation
  2. Online coupons and specials
  3. Online contests
  4. Direct traffic to your site/store
  1. Customers contribute something
  2. Motivate people to openly support you
  3. Begin group communication
  1. Online question and answers
  2. Social network groups
  3. Location based social sites
  4. Upload shareable messages, white papers, videos, photos, etc.
Create Advocates
  1. Convert people to brand promoters and loyal customers
  1. Referral program
  2. Online customer reviews
  3. Reward loyal customers
  4. Tweet-ups



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