Social Media Best Practices

Whether you’re a small or big organization, with a whole social media department or one lonely intern (or you), there’s a right way and a wrong way to approach Social Media. These rules help you stick to the right way.

1. Publish a clear posting policy
2. Answer anyone with legitimate questions or concerns
3. Don’t use auto post tools (this can backfire in relation to breaking news)
4. Monitor all mentions of your brand (TweetDeck is free and works well)
5. Do NOT delete comments unless they clearly violate posting policy
6. Be very selective about what you post
7. All posts must provide some benefit or value
8. Do not post more than 1 time per day (unless it’s breaking news)
9. Keep abreast of social media trends through regular research of industry pubs (Mashable is a great resource)
10. Pay attention to your most popular content and put out more of it
11. Act as an agnostic gate keeper (not a biased dictator)
12. Track what you do to know what works and what doesn’t


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