30 Oct Social Media Conversion Tactics

How do you actually drive interest in your organization? How do you create warm prospects and convert them to customers and brand evangelists? Here’s how.

1) Use explicit calls-to-action (make instructions dummy proof).

2) Do not use CTAs too often. This can turn off visitors.

3) Make every piece of content sharable (AddThis is a nice tool for this).

4) The peak engagement phase is immediately after someone takes action. Always ask your visitor to share what he/she just did with their network.

5) Replicate all requests within Facebook (use CMS API technology within your website). This will imbed your site’s form within Facebook while letting your audience stay in Facebook. However, also give them the option of going to your website (for security perceptions).

6) Answer/Thank everyone that acts for you or asks a question (this can be automated).

7) Monitor with TweetDeck or Google Alerts (free) or purchase social CRM (SmallAct or SpredFast).

8) Have multiple ways to purchase, donate or act (include Phone).

9) Facebook ads can be targeted (and you can set them to be charged only when clicked, similar to PPC advertising).

10) Publish and enforce a clear posting policy consistently.

11) Close the loop: Thank you customer with well-crafted, well-targeted auto responses.

12) Track and report on all your social media tactics.

13) Make “IT” about the audience (see things from their perspective).

14) Where applicable, target local subsets of users.


Do you have more questions or ideas about converting social media traffic into leads? Let’s connect.