Flashback: Old Grasshopper Websites

While moving some files around, I ran across these old screen shots showing previous Grasshopper Marketing websites. Just thought it would be interesting to share.

Our first website launched in early 2006. As you can see this is a good example of web 1.0.

grasshopper 2006 website


We revised the site in 2010. As you can see we’ve started to adopt our mostly white style.

grasshopper marketing 2010 website


Here’s our current layout we revised in 2012. We’ve fully embraced the web 2.0 movement and have landing pages, downloadable content and as many blog posts as we can get up with. You’ll also notice a longer page format as well. We also moved to a little darker green color in our logo and font.

Grasshopper Marketing 2012 website


Grasshopper Marketing 2012 website 2



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