Featured Client: Rminds

This is our latest Featured Client post, where we get to brag about how awesome our clients are. Today we introduce Rminds, Inc.

Rminds is one of a new breed of IT professional services company. Instead of taking the stereotypical chop shop approach, treating its employees as mercenaries, Rminds dedicated itself to making constant investments to enhance its consultants’ skillsets, promote their careers, and maximize their productivity for our clients.

Rminds finds and partners with the most highly-qualified professionals in information technology. They then connect them with the right companies, where consultants and clients are matched for the greatest mutual benefit.

Why Rminds Matters

Rminds excels at immigration processes, with an industry-leading legal team and highly efficient systems throughout. They value ability, high ethical standards, and a culture that rewards the spread and application of smart ideas.

An atypical IT staffing company, instead of holding their associates back, Rminds encourages them to move up, supporting their advancement with resources dedicated to improving marketable skills. Rminds sponsors and manages all immigration requirements and invests continually in new technologies, providing advanced training and mentoring sessions with senior experts in their respective fields.

Clients engaging Rminds get dedicated professionals led by senior experts who understand client pressures to create increasing profits at ever-shrinking costs, and who appreciate the relationship from the client perspective.

Rminds takes great pride in (and has developed internal systems to support) getting their associates to integrate seamlessly into their clients’ cultures, and to maintain vested interests in client success. Rminds provides a top-notch support team available 24/7 for any issues that arise.

To learn more about Rminds, go to www.rminds.com.

How Grasshopper Marketing helps Rminds

In June 2012, Rminds’ new owners were in need of a quickly refreshed company brand, logo and website, to give their existing base of associates fast evidence of a new proactive approach guiding the company. Grasshopper developed and implemented all three concurrently in less than 30 days.

Since then, we’ve been working with Rminds to fully develop its brand, logo, social media presence, messaging, and to find and market to targeted groups and organizations that fit well with Rminds industry. We’re also developing an employee referral program, one that will spread effectively through targeted social media sites and internet advertising.


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