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Facebook is the leading social networking site worldwide. It has more than 800 million active users. The biggest surprise is that Facebook’s 35-54 year old demographic segment has continued to grow the fastest and even accelerated to a 276% growth rate over the past six months. More and more business are reaching out to this growing population. Young people today, and most likely tomorrow, will not go to the yellow pages at all. They will ask their Facebook friends, and a strong company presence on this site will put you ahead of the game. Facebook can be a powerful platform for building a community of advocates for your business and increasing word of mouth marketing.

1.    Facebook page. Complete the first step of creating a business fan page for your company, by signing up on Facebook’s website. Make sure your logo and design closely resemble your current website and other marketing materials. Continue to add photos of your building, your trucks, anything else to add a face and deeper creditability to your business. On your profile page, share how you got started, how you’ve grown and where you’re headed. When someone “likes” your page, your updates on the page show up on their wall giving additional exposure. Search your competitors and review their Facebook pages. What types of pages have they built, what kinds of multimedia have they posted, how many fans are listed, etc. Add your Facebook icon to your business cards, flyers, ads, all printed material you send to customers, etc. Add the “Likes” thumbs-up button to your website.

2.    Build a list of fans or “likes.” Start with local companies, local civic organizations, do a search under “Atlanta” (or your city) and see who shows up. Find past clients, companies you hope to do business with, business organizations, industry organizations, etc. Then search through their “friends” and see if you want to “like” those companies. Join Facebook industry groups in your local area and nationally. Your network will slowly grow.

3.    Special offers. Offer special coupons to your fans, tell them to forward the offer to their friends, and your fan base will continue to grow. People prefer to do business with a company who their friend have already used. Use peer pressure to your advantage.

4.    Upload. Post “how-to” videos relating to your company and industry through YouTube and post to your Facebook page. Upload photos, customer reviews, anything you want online but don’t want on the website.

5.    Advertising. Facebook offers the ability to target a niche market based on age, gender, interests, location and more. Test a few demographic combinations and see what is effective.

6.    Contests. Try hosting a contest where customers can post the best before/after photos related to your business and win a free service/product from your company, an iPod, etc. Or ask fans to send a creative picture or video using your product. You can also ask fans questions and host polls.

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