Two quick tactics for local search marketing

Here are two tactics I want you to consider adding to your larger marketing plan today:

1. Local search sites. People today go online to research everything from dishwashers to dentists before purchasing a product or service. Consumers need to quickly find your company on search engines, local search sites or through online ads. An easy way to start coming up in those searches is through local search sites. Below are just a few. Find the right ones for your area and log in to get your online business profile, they are almost always free.


2. Social marketing is an effective tactic to increase brand awareness, influence brand reputation, and increase traffic to your website. The job of social media is to stick your company name in your potential customer’s mind, build a trustworthy reputation and encourage a potential customer to call you or walk though the door. Your customer service, product or service will have to make the sale.

Tools like Twitter and Facebook allow you to interact with your customers and future customers in a friendly, soft-sale manner, all the while building and supporting your brand awareness. If you haven’t already, sign up and get your Twitter and Facebook accounts today. If you have an account, add to your profile. I’m sure there are pictures, business descriptions, etc you can add to make your profile more appealing.

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