Traditional Corporate Marketing vs. Outsourced Marketing

Traditional Corporate Marketing

With the traditional corporate model for marketing departments, the internal team manages several different “specialized” agencies. You might have an Advertising Agency, a Digital Agency, A Public Relations agency and a Social Media Agency. And with all those teams working on your behalf, you’ll also get:

  • Multiple vendors, relationships and invoices
  • Multiple ramp-up and training sessions
  • No synergies
  • A new RFP process for any new vendor specialization (Big Data, Video, SEO and so on)
  • Coordination of services left up to the client Traditional Corporate Marketing

Outsourced Corporate Marketing

Or you may decide to let your internal marketing team handle some of the strategic or day-to-day things, while you lean on one outsourced marketing agency for the heavy lifting or overflow projects. Outsourcing your marketing allows you:

  • One vendor, relationship and invoice
  • Single ramp-up session
  • Synergistic institutional knowledge
  • New specializations already developed by marketing partner
  • Service coordination by marketing outsourcing firm

Outsourced Corporate Marketing

If you want to build a house, you can hire a carpenter, electrician, plumber, and brick layer, and then try to communicate with and manage all their work. Or you can hire a builder, who speaks all their languages and knows how to manage their actions. In the same way, an outsourced marketing partner can help your company build its marketing strategies, with less guess work, less risk, less hassle, and ultimately more satisfaction.


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