Riemer Residential is a full-service, private label real estate company located in Austin, Texas. Shannan and Chris Riemer are obsessed with perfecting the client experience, finding the perfect home in the right neighborhood based on an extensive interview process that unveils much more than number of bedrooms or square feet their buyers need. Or finding serious buyers who’ll pay their sellers the best price the market will allow.

Overall Situation

Fresh from leaving leaving a large national real estate firm, Shannan and Chris Riemer wanted to launch their own real estate firm. They needed a logo, signs and a WordPress website.

For the past few years, I have been trying to design my own website, logo, branding- you name it. Yes, I am a DIY disaster waiting to happen. I figured since I am somewhat tech savvy & sometimes creative, I could save money and do it all. After several failed attempts & wasting borrowed time, I finally decided to suck it up and pay a professional.

The Grasshopper Marketing team has exceeded every single expectation. For starters, they are exceptionally accessible, professional & process driven. Their “discovery document” is an extensive questionnaire with the intention to drill down to exactly who we are and what we need to convey that to the public. The team does not take this portion lightly. They make sure everybody is on the exact same page before moving forward; I thought this would be the most difficult part of creating a brand considering my business partner and I are not only husband and wife we are also opposites. We finally agreed on one thing; both of us wanted to convey a vintage & modern feel to the public. What seemed impossible was no problem for the Grasshopper team. Honestly, I was shocked when their logo designer produced 5 logos ALL different yet, conveying exactly what we wanted. The most difficult part of the process was picking the better logo. We wanted them all.

As we have moved on to the the next step of web design and SEO optimization, the Grasshopper  team continues to impress & exceed ALL of my high expectations. Trust me, hire them and see for yourself what value they can add to your business.
Shannan Riemer, Riemer Residential



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