Get Custom LearningRx Price Sheets!

You’re working hard to fill your sales funnel and sign up people for assessments. You’d really like a better way to present your pricing and program benefits and details, in one concise format. And the truth is, you’re concerned with “sticker shock” for your prospects every time you walk into a post-assessment meeting.

What if your prices were laid out in a way that highlighted the LearningRx features, matched with a smaller monthly cost? What if you could compare two programs side-by-side, so prospects could clearly see the differences between Pro and Pro+Max, all on one easy to read and understand sheet? In short, what if you could get your prospects to focus less on the overall price and more on the overall benefit of LearningRx?

The simple answer is that you’d close more sales. And that’s why we’ve created a sales sheet specifically for LearningRx centers, to address your business’s unique customer proposal and pricing needs.

What you’ll get:

  • Individual price sheets for up to 7 program lengths, with 2 program-type combinations for each. For instance, you could decide to have both Partner vs PartnerMax and Pro vs ProMax price sheets, each with customized pricing for your 8, 12, 16, 20, 24, 28 and 32-week programs. That would be 14 total price sheets.
  • A 30-minute phone consultation with the Grasshopper Marketing team to determine the best pricing strategies for your center, plus follow up email conversations to ensure all prices and information are correctly translated to your price sheets.
  • High resolution PDF print-ready files of each price sheet, so you can print internally.
  • Higher long-term close rates from prospects, all with better appreciation for the value of your LearningRx solution.
  • Increased comfort level when presenting pricing to your prospects.

How much do they cost?

Please call for exact pricing.

How do I get them?

Complete the form below (or above) and we’ll email you to set up a time to talk.

Then you’ll gather the details of your pricing and financing available to your prospects. Once we receive a spreadsheet outlining your center’s prices per product, along with the financing and discounts you offer, we can discuss with you the best way to present your prices. Once we all agree on the wording and layout, we’ll get to work creating the prices sheets. After our call, you will have the price sheet files within one week. It’s that simple.

To get the process started, just send us your name and email.




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