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You’ve built a LearningRx center and while business is doing ok, you’d like to reach more prospects and make more sales. But you’re not sure where you should put your limited time and energy. The corporate office gives you some decent marketing resource templates, but you’re looking for something fresh and more effective.

We created our “30 LearningRx Marketing Secrets” specifically for LearningRx Owners and Directors, to address your business’s unique marketing needs. Just enter your email address and over the next 10 weeks, we’ll send you 30 marketing secrets tailored to increase leads and sales for your LearningRx business.

Why not send them all at once?

Because if we did, you’d have a whole bunch of stuff to learn and do, and you might just get overwhelmed and not start at all. So instead, we’ll send you a few ideas in each email, one every week for 10 weeks. You’re busy running your center, and you don’t have all day to spend on marketing. So learn and do a little bit at the time, and before long, you’ll be able to compete with the most successful centers.

Successful marketing is about consistent, well-thought effort. And if you follow the directives we give, you’ll see your LearningRx lead generation and sales improve, both in volume and consistency.

What you’ll get:

Topics include:

check mark Lead generation

check mark Strategic partnerships

check mark Sales

check mark Social media & PR

check mark Client  management

check mark Search engine optimization

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