14 May Co-Marketing with a Local Non-Profit

As businesses, we are built on relationships with our employees, managers, vendors, etc. And what better way to strengthen or build a local relationship than partner with a non-profit. Find a group doing something you believe in and making a positive difference in your area and reach out to them with one question, “How can we help?”


Partner your service to a non-profit.

Offer a free product or service to one or more local charities as a raffle prize. You’ll receive exposure among people who attend the charity’s event and on the charity’s website. Of course, this kind of thing makes for great press releases and articles on your own blog posts, too. Do some good, and don’t be shy in telling others about it.

Determine the right person to call at a local non-profit office and ask how you can partner. Don’t get discouraged if you get ignored or seemingly rejected, or if you don’t find the right contact right away. Stay with it, be helpful, approach the problem with the idea of helping. Figure out how both sides can benefit equally. Work your way toward the true decision makers. Your goal should be to become an official (or unofficial) partner of X non-profit.


Participate in a community service project.

Nothing brings your employees together in true teamwork or draws more favorable attention than community service. Ask yourself how your business can be a “good neighbor” to your community. Perhaps your office can offer a product or service at no charge to a needy non-profit organization or nursing home in your area.

Hundreds of people will hear about your work in the process. Volunteer for various community causes. If appropriate, you can step in during a community emergency, offering your services to help organizations or individuals in need.

If you get involved, take the opportunity to design marketing material specifically for the event. The material should optimally relate the non-profit and/or event to your service. And you don’t need to be shy about “selling” your business in such material. Find more local business and help as a team.






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