web 2.0

When designing any of the elements in this list, consider your target audience carefully: their needs and pain-points, their values, where they are in the sales cycles, and how they think.
A business should not be on every social network. What are the right social networking outlets for your business? To know that, consider what each is good at doing. But remember, the social media landscape changes VERY quickly, and keeping abreast of new channels is a part of a good long term social media strategy. If you want to do your best in social media, but don’t have a full time marketing department to manage all those channels, the solution is to find those very few that are right for YOUR business and its industry. Here’s a rundown of several of the CURRENT social media biggies.
Profit with Google Adwords, otherwise known as PPC or Pay-per-click advertising, is not automatic. Campaigns with incorrect settings and haphazard management don’t maximize profit at best, and lose money at worst. For every well run account, there’s a business using Adwords the wrong way, losing money, and spreading the word that PPC doesn’t work.
It is important to be listed on most, if not all, local review sites. Not only does it increase your chances of someone reading a review and then becoming a customer, the more link backs to your website will raise your organic ranking in Google. Here are some ways to not only get more ratings and high customer ratings, but ideas on how to increase the exposure of your positive ratings.

Marketing has Changed

Consumers (and purchasing managers) of 20 years ago were targeted with television ads, billboards and direct mail offers. Those don’t work nearly as well as they did then, so rather than try to interrupt prospects, smart businesses now use techniques that attract attention.
North American business-to-business (B2B) enterprise marketers (1,000+ employees) use more content marketing tactics, outsource content creation more frequently, and are more challenged with integration across marketing, when compared with their B2B peers overall.
While moving some files around, I ran across these old screen shots showing previous Grasshopper Marketing websites. Just thought it would be interesting to share.
Once you've done these 6 Online Marketing Tactics and you are ready to increase your online presence, here are a few additional recommendations:

1. Think in multimedia.

Through video, photos and audio, a small business can provide excellent online marketing opportunities that will continue to create brand awareness in your audience. Once you create good multimedia content, distribute and leverage it across your many social networks.

2. Use Video.

A tour of your store/facility can make an easy video subject. You can post the video to your Facebook page through YouTube or Vimeo. YouTube  has analytics tools for their users so you can evaluate the effectiveness of your video content. Twitter can help you send the link to your followers.