Author: Kari Kenner

North American business-to-business (B2B) enterprise marketers (1,000+ employees) use more content marketing tactics, outsource content creation more frequently, and are more challenged with integration across marketing, when compared with their B2B peers overall.
While moving some files around, I ran across these old screen shots showing previous Grasshopper Marketing websites. Just thought it would be interesting to share.
Outsourced marketing doesn't mean shipping jobs out of the country. It's about making your life easier by giving some of your marketing to-do list to a team who can handle it all for you. 5 Outsourcing Advantages for yourMost of our mid-sized and corporate clients have internal marketing teams who handle most day-to-day marketing tactics. But they don't always have enough time, or specialized expertise, to develop and execute a full range of marketing functions. So where can they go for last-minute and specialized marketing?
This is our latest Featured Client post, where we get to brag about how awesome our clients are. Today we introduce Rminds, Inc. Rminds is one of a new breed of IT professional services company. Instead of taking the stereotypical chop shop approach, treating its employees as mercenaries, Rminds dedicated itself to making constant investments to enhance its consultants’ skillsets, promote their careers, and maximize their productivity for our clients.
Many of our clients ask about how to get visitors to their websites. So in the next few blog articles, we're going to talk a little about some of the different ways you can start driving online traffic to your website and get more visitors. We will assume you have a nicely designed and user-friendly website and now all you need is to start generating traffic to it. When it comes to driving eyeballs to the site, there are numerous ways to do this -- some free and some not.  Whether or not you decide to pay for traffic or hunt down free traffic is a decision you will have to make and may also depend on what kind of budget you have.
Many of our clients ask us if they really need to invest the time and energy into blogging. Here's the short answer: Yes, if you can keep it up consistently Blogging communicates your expertise on topics important to your target audience. Each new post boosts your visibility to search engines and helps establish your company as an unbiased thought leader within its industry. Effective blog communication works as a long-term soft sell technique. Begin posting agnostic-themed articles, limiting biased submissions to no more than 10% of the total. Include posts which talk about subjects related (even loosely) to your products and industry.
This Fall, we've met some great organizations and charities who need some extra marketing hands. This time, we are helping a group a little closer to home.
We are proud to give back to the community, even if it's not always in our own local neighborhood. We have several clients in Austin, Texas and Shannan Riemer of Riemer Residential asked us to lend a hand to Candlelight Ranch. They needed help with the marketing materials for their 4th annual Dress by Candlelight fundraising gala. We just finished the ad at the bottom of this post. Next up is invitations, banners, program and flyers.
Today’s consumers are very skeptical, and online marketing can help build a credible reputation for your company. People feel a closer connection to products or services when they know and like the people behind the brands. Here are 6 simple steps to get out there, build genuine relationships and let your contagious passion shine through:
Atlanta, GA – Grasshopper Marketing, a leading full service branding and inbound marketing agency, announced today its newest client, Learning Foundations of San Antonio. Learning Foundations makes learning easier for students struggling with dyslexia, reading, spelling, math, attention, focus, organization, speech and ADHD.