About This Project

MFG.com is the largest global online marketplace for manufacturers looking to source custom parts, standard components, assemblies and textiles. MFG.com has revolutionized the way parts get sourced, bringing tremendous efficiencies to its users that they could have never imagined before.


I joined MFG.com three months ago as Sr VP of Customer Innovation. I’m about to crank up our marketing efforts, and in reviewing our past marketing initiatives, Grasshopper’s work stood out by a mile in quality, strategic approach and lead generation effectiveness. I’d like to talk to you and discuss re-engaging your firm.

Chris Peters, MFG.com


Overall Situation

We first worked with MFG.com from 2006-2007. During that time, we refreshed their corporate logo and created a special logo for their newly created user conference called MFG.com Fusion. We concepted and delivered several online and print advertising campaigns, as well as postcards and printed sales pieces. We also helped with some trade show booth marketing. Eventually, they decided to bring their marketing completely in-house and we parted ways.


In late 2012, we got an email from MFG.com’s new SVP of Marketing. He had just gone through all their old marketing materials and Grasshopper’s work stood out as not only the most visually appealing, but also communicated the benefits of MFG.com most effectively, and most importantly, it generated the most sales activity. He brought us aboard to revive some of our old campaigns and to quickly push out new material.


We started a couple of collateral pieces the sales team needed immediately. We then moved into website content, a banner ad campaign (with A/B testing) and postcard campaign aimed at the “buyer” customers. We were able to ramp up at break-neck speed, to meet their needs.


MFG.com: Print Work

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