About This Project

McKesson Revenue Management Solutions offers superior, cost-effective outsourcing services that help customers improve their financial performance and competitive position. They provide experienced personnel, introduce best practices and, in some cases, implement a new billing system depending on individual customer needs. McKesson can outsource an entire business office, certain departments or specific accounts receivable projects.


Due to a new corporate identity project, my department needed to re-brand all of our existing collateral, ensuring that it was consistent in the new look and feel as well as the new voice of the company brand. This was a big undertaking, and one I hadn’t planned for when I’d allocated my team’s resources. Grasshopper Marketing was able to take over the project completely – they incorporated our brand standards, understood our business and rebranded our collateral perfectly. For a project that wasn’t even on my radar before it landed on my desk, I was glad to have Grasshopper on my team!

Sandy Laudenslayer, McKesson Revenue Management Solutions


Overall Situation

Large corporate marketing department needs to outsource surplus workload.


Specific Needs and Project Results


Collateral Rebranding

McKesson had a set of over 30 case studies and white papers that needed to be redesigned to meet updated brand standards. The project had to be completed within two months, and their internal marketing resources lacked the bandwidth to meet that deadline.


Grasshopper redesigned all the pieces to meet the new standards, within the required time line.

Presentation template

McKesson needed a PowerPoint template, designed to meet their brand standards and with a customized theme based loosely on a popular comic book series.


Grasshopper researched the legal bounds of such themes and recommended the necessary level of concept and image ambiguity. They then sourced appropriately designed images and developed the full presentation template successfully.


Trade show surveys

McKesson sales representatives participate in multiple trade shows per year. They needed to survey their information booth visitors, with data collected through a clean, user-friendly format, and with minimal system management.


Grasshopper researched and secured a low-risk, scalable-cost solution provided by QuickTapSurvey, from among several offline survey providers, then developed a customized/branded format to accommodate all types of McKesson trade-show surveys.


McKesson now has a trouble-free survey solution at minimal cost. They are now able to efficiently collect, organize and analyze survey data, which helps them customize marketing messages to targeted prospects.


Why this Case Study Matters

Without the ability to outsource to Grasshopper, McKesson would have 2 basic options: 1) squeeze more production from its existing staff levels, or 2) hire more staff. Option 1 was unrealistic, with work levels already at maximum capacity, and risky, with no assurance the work would be completed in time. Option 2 would require time to source, hire and train new employees, who would require permanent salary and benefits. With Grasshopper’s help, McKesson was able to successfully meet all its extra demands at less than 20% of the annual cost of 1 mid-level employee, with no ongoing costs or risks.


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