About This Project

Deluxe Corporation, as well as being a world leader in check printing, delivers many other traditional printing services, in part through its operation of a high-volume, state-of-the-art commercial printing facility in the Greater Chicago Area (GCA). Through this facility, Deluxe services several large commercial client accounts, that although produce significant marginal profit, do not utilize the facility to its optimal production capacity.


In order to move toward such a production level, Deluxe’s Product Marketing Director asked Grasshopper to propose lead generation solutions to increase awareness of and sales for the GCA facility by targeting a pre-existing list of qualified commercial print client leads. Deluxe also asked that such solutions be delivered during the balance of 2014, so as to fully leverage their 2014 budget and to move with due haste to add profitable accounts.


Our awareness campaign included the overall campaign design, as well as concepting and designing the following pieces centered around 5 targeted touches, within a tight two and half month project period:


  1. segmentation of lead database into 4 disparate buyer personas
  2. development of 4 buyer persona profiles
  3. 12×20 over-sized postcard and associated landing page to track effectiveness (Touch 1)
  4. four separate emails sent to 4 buyer personas and associated landing pages (Touch 2)
  5. print marketing piece and associated landing page (Touch 3)
  6. two separate emails, divided by persona and associated landing pages (Touch 4)
  7. consultation for open house event
  8. four separate sales collateral pieces, divided by persona (Touch 5)


Despite the fast turnaround requirements, we worked with Deluxe’s internal sales team to craft effective messages and pieces that would attract their target prospects. We completed the full slate of deliverables well in time for the multi-touch communication campaign to run its course, allowing Deluxe time to organize and hold an event that would push prospects down their sales funnel effectively. Now they’re ready to pursue more significant marketing strategies in 2015.



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