About This Project

Barnabas is a non-profit organization that helps the working poor and those in temporary crisis get back on their feet and back to self-sufficiency. Before we met them, their brand lacked consistency, and their marketing materials were mainly ad hoc and of varying design quality, with no strategic plan to guide tactics.


They came to us in need of an annual report design, and after liking what we produced, they approached us for a more complete revamp of their brand and marketing plan, along with a comprehensive set of marketing materials that spoke to their disparate target groups of donors, volunteers, and staff, along with those in need of help. We developed a cohesive marketing strategy, and gave them a set of brand standards to inject consistency into their approach. We also created designs for a myriad of marketing materials, from business ID materials and environmental pieces, to a completely new website and social media and communications plans.


Now, Barnabas finally has a brand and marketing practices worthy of their most noble purpose of connecting people, help and hope.


Non-Profit Client since 2013

branding, design, strategy