About This Project

Alan Lowe and Jim Eckstein founded The Angel Advisors to help business owners and executives grow the value of their companies and achieve their entrepreneurial purpose. Grasshopper created their logo, brand, tagline, business and sales materials as well as their internet presence (website and social media accounts).


Overall Situation

Jim and Alan needed messaging that could be applied to a website and sales materials to communicate the subtle yet all-important differences between their company and stereotypical ‘business consultants.’ The Angel Advisors were much more than consultants, and they offered a service far more strategic and high-level than what such stereotypes implied to their target market. The challenge was to communicate these subtleties in direct, meaningful ways that avoided standard business-speak, so the company could speak to its target audience effectively.


Specific Needs and Project Results

  • Company identity – name, logo, business cards, sales sheet
  • Messaging, tagline and positioning
  • WordPress website strategy: architecture, design and content
  • Social media pages development, strategy and training
  • Blog management and content writing
  • Search engine optimization


Why this Case Study Matters

Grasshopper was able to capture the unique and powerful expertise and approach of The Angel Advisors and produce a name, messaging and website that conveys an effective benefit to their market. Now, the company is able to differentiate itself effectively and speak to the exact pain points of its audience, shortening its sales cycle and winning more business.

We chose Grasshopper for our marketing partner because they LISTENED to us. They first understood our niche audience, then designed strategies to speak to it.

Jim Eckstein, The Angel Advisors

The Angel Advisors

B2B Services Industry

branding, design, strategy