ADP Video: New Math

B2B Services Industry

About This Project

The ADP sales team needed a series of videos to engage their target markets in relation to Affordable Care Act changes. These videos were to be clutter-busters, with strong creative and compelling messages to be more engaging than the standard talking head videos APD typically used. ADP would then use these videos in emails, websites and through social media, throughout its lead generation and nurturing process.


We created four videos, each around a basic pain point for ADP prospects. This one addressed the issue of ACA “New Math” and its confusing new requirements. It shows several exact, complex calculations, any of which if ignored or misunderstood will lead to significant regulatory penalties, with ADP as a clear option to avoid such issues. The result was very well-received by both ADP sales teams and prospects.


I LOVE LOVE LOVE the ACA Communication Videos -- They all turned out terrific!!!"

Jeanne Krebs, ADP Content Development Group