We are a modern agency of talented professionals.

We operate from decentralized offices, and we execute our projects with the most modern communication methods. Our flexible operational model allows us to scale to client needs quickly.


Our clients don’t pay us to politic around water coolers in A-space offices. They pay us to produce great stuff that promotes their brand, and gets them more leads and sales. And that’s what we do.

Strategy & Client Services

List maker. Longtime logo sketcher. Paleo eater. Learning to play the ukulele.

Kari Kenner

Managing Partner

Driving clients toward the ideas, images and words to reach their markets, Kari oversees creative development while defining strategy for all marketing programs.

Guitar player. Song singer. Wanna-be chess master. Likes fish tacos and cold, gluten-free beer.

Shannon Kenner

Managing Partner

Making the trains run on time, Shannon finds and vets our talent, consulting everywhere needed, and keeps projects on-schedule and on-budget.

Bucket list checker. Big picture espouser. Doesn't like to get her picture taken.

Monique Anderson

Corporate Strategist

Our B2B demand generation specialist, Monique brings people, problems and processes together to form workable ideas and solutions.

Creative department

Creates honest, timeless communication tools that send brands big and small zooming forward.

Kristen Nelson


Has been building and creating for as long as he can physically remember.

Bryan Corigliano


Design. All Kinds. Award-winning, Spot-on Creative, Graphic Design & Art Direction.

Carl Mattison


Exacting craftsman and director, he has produced a significant variety of films and videos.

Gonzo Gagliardi


Branding, Print Design, Infographics and Motion Graphics

Octavia Warren


Art director and design consultant with more than 15 years experience.

Veda M. Sammy


Crafts messaging and develops marketing and content strategy.

Liz Fusco


Experienced creative director with extensive understanding of brand and design.

Deana Stranz