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Marketing Analytics
Why Should Marketing Analytics Be In Your Tool Kit?

Which campaigns were the most successful? How do you prove the value of each campaign? The beauty of online marketing is that every action your visitors take is tracked and stored somewhere – this represents a tectonic shift for marketing strategy. Rather than relying on your gut to decide how well...

Making Videos that Matter video
Making Videos that Matter

Not all videos work. Those that do join visual and audio elements with a purpose. Instead of several ideas, they concentrate on singular goals around one theme. And they result in compelling moments that move interested viewers toward action. To learn how to design videos that work, consider several basic principles. Less...

online lead generation
Online Lead Generation Campaign Basics

A marketer’s paramount objective is to generate high quality leads at a pace to sustain business growth. Successful online lead generation keeps the sales funnel primed with the right prospects, but surprisingly, only 1 in 10 companies feel their leadgen campaigns are effective. Lead generation campaigns commit to a precise promise....