Boys & Girls Club of Nassau County

During this giving time of year, it feels good to learn more about the real, positive impact some local non-profits are making in our world. The Boys & Girls Clubs of Nassau County (BGCN) are doing some pretty wonderful things for lots of kids, providing safe and educational after-school occupation for ages 6 to 16, helping them not only reach and maintain high standards in school and life, but also raise their sights on what they can achieve and what they can be.  

Sarah Smith Fall Festival

This Fall, we've met some great organizations and charities who need some extra marketing hands. This time, we are helping a group a little closer to home.  

Dress by Candlelight Charity Event

We are proud to give back to the community, even if it's not always in our own local neighborhood. We have several clients in Austin, Texas and Shannan Riemer of Riemer Residential asked us to lend a hand to Candlelight Ranch. They needed help with the marketing materials for their 4th annual Dress by Candlelight fundraising gala. We just finished the ad at the bottom of this post. Next up is invitations, banners, program and flyers.