Why does outsourced marketing work for small businesses?

Why does outsourced marketing work for small businesses?

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Two basic misunderstandings exist about outsourcing.

  1. Outsourcing means sending jobs to countries where cheap labor is available
  2. Outsourcing means getting a job done for less money, with less quality

Theoretically, outsourced marketing could involve both, but this isn’t common in the real world.

Instead, it’s simply a way to meet marketing needs while avoiding the expense of a full time marketing department, or the effort to hire and manage multiple marketing vendors.

You probably don’t buy milk from a dairy, meat from a butcher, bread from a baker and vegetables from a road-side stand. And you don’t farm all this food yourself. Instead, you go to the grocery store, which can procure all of it with extreme efficiency.

It’s so efficient that it can find the food, buy it, and sell it to you at a profit, for much less money and effort than growing it yourself would cost. And the food you get is much higher in quality and consistency than you could achieve without that efficiency.

In a very similar way, a smart small business doesn’t market its company and products from within, and it doesn’t find and manage an assorted collection of branding, copy-writing, design, web development, SEO, public relations and social media specialists.

It uses an outsourced marketing partner, which produces tip-top output and allows the business to pay for only what’s needed to get more customers and grow the business

There are several other advantages, and I’ll introduce those in my next article.


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