Start Generating Business Leads with LinkedIn: Step 2

Start Generating Business Leads with LinkedIn: Step 2


Step 2: Build Your Network

Connect with people with whom you have worked or done business, or people with similar interests or work in your industry. Invite thought leaders in your industry to connect so that you might establish a relationship with them and, eventually, gain access to their networks.

1.    Start by adding connections of people you know: friends and past/present colleagues, vendors or partners. After some of these people accept your connection, LinkedIn suggests more people you might know. Connect with those you do.

2.    Search for people by company. Search by companies you know or where you used to work. This will refresh your memory with more former colleagues.

3.    Start asking and answering questions. LinkedIn Answers is a great place to ask and more importantly, answer questions within your industry. There’s a good chance someone may ask a question about a product or service you offer. As you show your knowledge and experience, you will interact and connect with people who might enter your sales funnel. Check out: LinkedIn Answers.

4.    Update your status often. Your status appears on your profile and in the LinkedIn Network Updates email to your connections. Thus, others may take notice of what you are working on and decide to connect or click through on links in your status.

5.    Connect your Twitter and LinkedIn accounts. LinkedIn allows you to connect your Twitter account to your LinkedIn profile via your status. This feature allows you to post a LinkedIn status message to Twitter and to pull a tweet into your LinkedIn status. Enabling this feature will help you leverage both of these networks to build connections on both sites.

Step 1: Visit and Click the blue twitter bird.

Step 2: Allow LinkedIn to Connect to Your Twitter Account.

Step 3: Make your Twitter account visible to everyone and decide if you would like some or all your Tweets sent to LinkedIn. If you would only like a select few Tweets to be sent to your LinkedIn, choose “Only Tweets that contain #in”. Now, only if you use the #in hashtag in your Tweet, it will go to LinkedIn. If you want all your tweets to be in your LinkedIn account, don’t check that section.

Step 4: Test it.

Step 5: Check your LinkedIn profile to see if your status is your most recent Tweet. By sending tweets to your LinkedIn status, your profile is more dynamic and you can frequently update your network about what you’re doing.

Step 6: Select the checkbox on to allow your LinkedIn Status to update your Twitter Account. Now, whenever you update your LinkedIn Status, it will also update your Twitter Account.


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Step 3 to follow soon …