What’s your brand say about your business?

Do you wish your brand was more attractive? Our branding refresh process uses a combination of strategic and creative considerations to define what your business is, how it’s different, and why it matters to your customers. We isolate and understand your target prospects first, then adjust your brand to engage it.


If your brand needs refining or major retooling (or if you need to make one from scratch), we make certain yours will communicate the singular value of your organization with clarity and confidence.



    • Determine the equity and value in your current brand positioning
    • Internal/External Surveys
    • Communications Audit
    • Competitor Review
    • Brand Architecture Audit & Goals


    • Build the foundations to develop and evolve your brand
    • Brand Positioning
    • Brand Personality
    • Buyer Personas & Messaging
    • Creative Brief

  • 3. CREATE

    • Construct your brand with a cohesive family of elements
    • Company Name
    • Tagline
    • Logo
    • Color Pallet & Design Elements

  • 4. LAUNCH

    • Implement your new brand
    • Brand Style Guide
    • Business Card Template
    • Flyer Template



Let’s get started

As you can see, we’re excited to work with new businesses needing a brand refresh.


Branding is our very favorite thing to do. Let’s discuss how we can help your business better resonate with its audience and increase sales.


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