Quick Start Guide to Inbound Marketing – Part 2

Here’s the second part of our quick start guide for Web 2.0 beginners. Refer to Part 1 here.

* For those who find your website, create an efficient conversion form that gets just enough info (name, email address and maybe an interest-level pull-down menu) to follow up with the prospect. Refrain from asking for so much info that you increase the chance of scaring away prospects.

* To increase the chances prospects will supply such info, offer some type of valuable info (for example, a guide related to your industry that prospects would find useful) as a free download in return. This does 2 things: it qualifies the site visitor as interested in your products, and it allows you to contact them with follow up (remember, soft-sell) info.

* Create an RSS feed so those interested can get your blog articles without having to return there.

* Build relationships with other bloggers, even if you consider them your competition. The more authority you give to them, the more they will eventually give to you. This is not ALWAYS true, but know that karma and goodwill are alive and well in the world of Web 2.0.

* Use Twitter, Facebook, etc. to promote those you want to develop relationships with. Once you have those relationships, keep promoting others. Use the golden rule (promote those you want to promote you).
* Add your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn (company and personal links) and site/blog web addresses to your standard email signatures. Anyone in your company (or any contractors doing your work) should do the same.

* Be courteous and professional in all your dealings with any blogger or online consumer. Build your reputation as a level-headed, appreciative expert. Never be aloof, condescending or rude.

* Welcome negative comments to your ideas and products. Engage such comments thoughtfully. Realize that online communities exist for themselves and their own interests (even if it’s a community within your site or blog). They are agnostic (for the most part) about your company, so if you want to develop respect within any such community, you must be unbiased as well.

* Don’t get overwhelmed at the amount of tasks to do and manage. START, then keep GOING.

* Be patient and keep at it. The race is won by those who keep running.


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