Here are answers to questions you may have about working with us.

Over the years, clients have asked us many questions about our process and deliverables. Below is our attempt to answer these questions, along with some helpful advice for a successful project with us. We’re excited to be your marketing partner and want to keep you engaged in our process. The way we see it, the better you understand how we do what we do, and why we do what we do, the better the end result will be.


We hope you’ll feel comfortable referring to this page throughout our engagement. Please call us with any other questions – our goal is to make this project, and working with us in general, the best business experience you’ve ever had. Really.

What can I expect from Grasshopper?

You can expect a passionate new business partner. Since you’re our client, we live and breathe your company and are pretty much always thinking about how you can get more customers (well, almost always – we do have to sleep sometimes). We are about new effective ideas to grow your business and just as importantly, execution of those ideas – because even the best idea is nothing if it isn’t implemented correctly.


What does Grasshopper need from my company?

During each of the stages above, we’ll explain clearly what we need from you in order to meet our deadlines and create a successful project. We also want to keep an open dialogue with you during the entire process. We are all about transparency and consistent mutual understanding and need you to keep us privy to all relevant business activity in your company, while we’re working together. And please keep telling us what’s working and what’s not working during the project. We know a lot, but we don’t know it all.


How long will the project take?

Ah, now there’s a question with a tricky answer. We always say we can go as fast as our clients allow us, and that’s pretty much true. Sometimes, there are things out of our control and somewhat impossible to forecast as we build our timelines. These are a few things that challenge us when estimating the length of your project:

  1. Scheduling issues – We’re nimble and can usually make any requested phone call or meeting time (even after-hours or on weekends, if needed). But lining up multiple schedules for both our team and yours will always have its challenges.
  2. Multiple stakeholders – Two brains may be better than one, but if a project has multiple client owners and/or decision makers, it tends to slow down the project when differing perspectives are considered and satisfied.
  3. Client turn-around time – we know you want to make red-line edits to the big ol’ word doc we just sent you, and you’re pressed for time to meet some other deadline. And that’s ok. You’re the client, and we’re here to help you. But we can’t move forward sometimes until we have your feedback. Just sayin’.


Can I add something to the project?

The reality of all projects is that requirements change. As we get neck deep into a project, a new need emerges. That’s totally ok. Sometimes, we can fit it into the already scoped project or re-scope slightly to make it fit. Other times, we’ll create a new estimate for that new part. Or we can track our time and you can pay us by the hour. We like to accommodate whatever works best for your needs.


How can we go faster?

We absolutely love beating timelines and over-delivering. Here are some tips to move through your project quicker (without skimping on any of the good stuff, of course):

  1. Divide into phases – sometimes you really need a section of the larger project live before the rest. Let us know, and we can breakup the plan into smaller chunks, so you can meet a deadline. Then we’ll go backwards and fill in the gaps in order to complete the entire project.
  2. Feedback – one of the best ways to move through a project quickly is to provide honest and precise feedback during a presentation or meeting. One of our team members will capture the ideas and thoughts. We know some things can pop into your head after a call. No problem. If that happens, just shoot us a quick email or phone call. (We prefer email, as it helps us more efficiently capture your wishes. But if you prefer to talk it over instead, don’t hesitate to pick up the phone.) The faster you give us feedback, the faster we can make revisions and get onto the next round.



Can I change the order of deliverables?

Yes, most of the time. We understand sometimes you need a business card with your new logo before you need the website, even though it isn’t in the proposal in that order. We’re an extremely custom shop and remain fluid so we can adjust as new urgencies float to the top. But of course, we’ll tell you if you can’t have the business card before the logo gets finalized.


What else can Grasshopper do for my business?

We do much more than logos and websites. We actually help our clients find and attract more prospects and customers. After we complete this project, we would be happy to talk about other ways to grow your business and engage your prospects. We have lots of ideas on referral programs, videos, publicity, email campaigns, and ways you can wow your clients.


We tend to think about your business and its prospects and customers while we’re taking a shower, eating breakfast, and sometimes while we’re going to sleep at night – so let us share some of those thoughts with you. We think it’s pretty cool to be not only your marketing partner, but also your business development partner. Our longest running partnership is now moving into its 9th year, and both parties think of it as a very happy business marriage.


If you’d like to learn more, just send us an email.