We’re just like big agencies. Except we’re 55% more efficient, 90% more flexible, and 100% easier to work with.

You have a great business that needs more customers. You know you need better marketing, but don’t have an in-house team and inexpensive freelancers lack the expertise to make workable strategies. This is your problem. Grasshopper is your solution.

Working closely with your N2 sales representative, we excel at creating designs that speak to your specific audiences. We transform your company’s unique value into clear, elegant messages that engage those targets and call them to action.

We create marketing materials that impress at a glance and distill the complexity of the buying decision. Our work is concise and informative, and designed for your audience to understand intuitively.

The right message. To the right audience. At the right time.

What our approach means for your company

  • More Time

  • Give greater focus to what you do best — managing and growing your business.

  • Greater Efficiency

  • Get more from your budget using an experienced team at lower cost than in-house resources.

  • Faster Execution

  • Start and finish projects quickly, with no dependency on fixed resources.

  • SMB Experience

  • Leverage expertise related to a multitude of marketing issues.

  • Greater Scope of Knowledge

  • Get access to our growing, flexible team, unlimited in its breadth of expertise.

  • Scalability

  • Adjust your budget to meet demand, without reliance on permanent employees.

SMB Marketing Packages


    • Light Strategy Package
    • positioning statement, buyer personas and messaging by audience
    • $3500-5000


    • Marketing Communication Plan & Calendar
    • outline a year’s work of marketing strategies and tactics
    • $5000-15,000


    • Branding Package
    • naming, logo refresh/create and biz cards
    • $2000-3000


    • Logo Development
    • new visual business identity
    • $1000-2500


    • WordPress Website Package
    • strategy, design, content, programming
    • $8000-15,000+



    • Lead Generation
    •  integrated email and advertising campaign with landing pages, strategy, content and design
    • $5000-10,000


    • Print Advertising
    • strategy, content and design for a series of print ads to appear in N2 pubs
    • $2000-8000

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