Marketing ideas for a small business

Once you’ve done these 6 Online Marketing Tactics and you are ready to increase your online presence, here are a few additional recommendations:

1. Think in multimedia.

Through video, photos and audio, a small business can provide excellent online marketing opportunities that will continue to create brand awareness in your audience. Once you create good multimedia content, distribute and leverage it across your many social networks.

2. Use Video.

A tour of your store/facility can make an easy video subject. You can post the video to your Facebook page through YouTube or Vimeo. YouTube  has analytics tools for their users so you can evaluate the effectiveness of your video content. Twitter can help you send the link to your followers.

3. Use Photos.

Show photographs of your business in action, your store, your employees, etc. Flickr accounts allows businesses to post photos and enter discussion groups that are focused on local markets. Flickr is also a place to store and tag photos, when you’re ready to distribute those photos to other social sites.

4. Post on Blogs.

Visit sites like Alltop and Technorati to find blogs that are in your industry and sign up to follow them. Most will have links to Twitter and Facebook as well. Start commenting on other blogs, without pitching or promoting your company. Simply add your perspective to the conversation, just like you’d do in a face-to-face social event. Make sure to add your name and link to your website and Twitter handle at the end of your comment. If you’re enthusiastic about it, start your own blog and write about experiences driving your customers. Blogs help your website rank higher in search engines too (by creating another link back to your site and allowing your site to be updated frequently). More info on blogging: Why and How to Blog and Blog Well and Prosper.

5. Write off-line articles.

Local newspapers or magazines might be interested in publishing an article on you, your business or the service you offer. Your name, website address and Twitter handle should be included in the byline.

6. “Best of” awards.

Nominate yourself for any local “best of” awards.


This is just a quick list to keep you motivated and keep your business growing.




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