Tired of working for someone else? Ready for a new chapter in your career? Want more control over your work and life?

Grasshopper Mission

We’re building a connected team of go-getter professionals, each empowered to create remarkable, client-delighting work and fulfill boundless opportunity for earning, learning and a balanced life.


Grasshopper Maxim

With enough hustle, anything is doable.

Your Opportunity

Grasshopper is a just-right balance of your work and your life. Our Hoppers combine Grasshopper’s brand, systems and processes with their own marketing obsession, entrepreneurial instinct and a dedication to wowing clients to build their own powerful, flexible consulting businesses.


Is Grasshopper what you’ve been looking for? Keep reading to get a better idea.

Step 1: See What We’re All About


Step 2: Download our “New American Dream Job” Handbook

new american dream jobOk, so you’ve watched the video and you want more. Great! Please complete the form to the right and we’ll send you a PDF with more details on becoming a Hopper. You’ll learn:

  • Grasshopper values
  • What a Hopper does
  • Benefits to joining the team
  • What kind of professional we’re looking for

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Step 3: Take a Quick Survey

1. Why do you want to become a Hopper?

2. What's your specialty? (click all that apply)
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Step 4: Get a Hopper Handbook

After you’ve watched the video in Step 1, download the Presentation in Step 2, and taken the Survey in Step 3 … we will reach out to you and set up a time to talk through the details, questions and interest. Assuming all systems are green, we will email you a Hopper Handbook.


Our Handbook is meant to clearly explain our relationship with each other. It gives answers to questions you may have about the policies and procedures we use – our responsibilities to you and your responsibilities to Grasshopper.


Topics include:

  • Onboarding FAQs
  • What it means to a partner with Grasshopper
  • What it means to be a Hopper
  • What you can expect from Grasshopper
  • What Grasshopper needs from you

hopper handbook

Step 5: Get a Compensation Contract

comp contract

Together we will determine your title, hourly rate and sales commission.


We’ll put these details into clear language and give you a version to sign and keep for your records.

Step 6: Get your “Consultant Starter Kit”

In addition to the title and compensation contract, you will need to purchase Grasshopper business cards, email address, email signature, add your bio/photo to our website, one-on-one coaching and your “Consultant Starter Kit.” We will do all of this for you. This kit also includes:


1. Strategy Guide: Grasshopper positioning and core messaging, service and price sheets


2. Sales Scripts: exactly what to say when you connect with people


3. Sales Process Docs and Tools: steps how to approach, nurture and close a deal, sales landing pages, sales collateral, email newsletters


4. All our Templates: proposals, new client process, discovery, client onboarding, project plans, creative brief, development/creative process, project management spreadsheets, post project survey

grasshopper business in a box

Step 7: You’re off and Hopping

(Sorry, we couldn’t help ourselves.)


Once you’re part of the team, you’re never really working alone. But in this last stage, it is up to you to start hustling and calling on your friends in corporate America. We’ll be with you to talk through different prospective client projects and the best way to approach them. Together, we can tackle anything.