Is it Inbound or Internet Marketing?

Is it Inbound or Internet Marketing?

inbound marketingIs it Inbound or Internet Marketing?

What term should you be using? Inbound Marketing? Internet Marketing or Online Marketing? Really, any of these three will work and almost mean the same thing.

Depending on my audience, I’ll usually begin a conversation with Internet or Online Marketing. Most people understand these terms mean something about website, SEO and Twitter. If the person is glazing over, I step back and explain what a tweet is and what SEO stands for.

But if he/she is nodding as I explain the benefits of blogging, I start to interchange in the term Inbound Marketing, which is the best of the three terms to use, but the least fully understood in today’s market.

The internet is evolving and Inbound Marketing is becoming the new way of marketing. It is the idea that a company can draw qualified leads to their website with blog posts and an active CitySearch listing, instead of outbound cold calls and broad post card campaigns.

Small companies are primed for Inbound Marketing because it can be effective using manpower and few dollars.

What term do you prefer?