Featured Client: LearningRx – Atlanta

In this new feature of our blog, we highlight special clients and tell the world why they’re unique. Today, we introduce our client LearningRx of Atlanta. We have first-hand knowledge of the impact of their brain training product. Our 5-year-old son went through the Lift-Off program, which helped him improve his cognitive skills.

About LearningRx – Atlanta/Buckhead

With one quick visit to the Atlanta brain training center in Buckhead/Sandy Springs, they can show you the revolutionary testing and training techniques used to help students of all ages overcome life-long learning difficulties. They help students in the Atlanta area—children or adults—achieve their potential to learn, read, and succeed in school and beyond.

What is Brain Training? What Happens When We Learn?

Brain training is a simple but powerful way to enhance a student’s core ability to learn faster, easier, and better. The brain processes information through a complex network of nerve cells called neurons. As we learn, groupings of neurons physically work together to accomplish learning or thinking tasks. Research shows that additional, nearby neurons are drawn into this process when the task is new or unfamiliar, or when the intensity of the learning demand is increased. Once the task is mastered, the borrowed neurons are released to go back to other duties. But the gains in efficiency and processing speed required for that task are retained and make learning-related tasks easier.

Who They Can Help

LearningRx brain training has the power to improve the quality of life and learning for almost any student or adult, regardless of their current level of learning or reading success.

Most of us take for granted the amazing processes that happen in our brains. Every bit of information, every question, and each fragment of sensory input is processed at lightning speed so that we can learn, answer, decide, or just enjoy the moment. Brain training simply makes all this processing faster and easier.

For the struggling student, these automatic processes often let them down. The ease of understanding new information that should have been normal becomes difficult and awkward. Learning that should have been easy is a frustrating effort. Reading that should have been effortless is a slow, embarrassing trial. Brain Training can change all that.

LearningRx brain training helps students of all ages learn faster and easier. By focusing directly on the cause of the learning struggle—which is underlying cognitive skills weakness—it helps struggling students overcome life-long symptoms of learning disabilities. Students who experience ADHD, Autism, or Dyslexia symptoms benefit from brain training.

The value of brain training doesn’t stop at struggling students. It can also help aging and senior adults stall the effects of aging on the brain. It can empower college and career adults to excel in school and in the workplace in ways that were impossible before brain training. Brain training can radically reduce rehabilitation time and increase recovered brain function for those suffering with accident, sport, or war related TBI (traumatic brain injury).

Brain training can help you or your child learn, read, and think faster and easier. If you or someone you know needs brain training, please contact LearningRx – Atlanta/Buckhead today by visiting their website or calling (404) 252-7246.

Grasshopper Marketing

LearningRx of Atlanta hired Grasshopper Marketing in June of 2011 to help manage public relations and press release tasks, create new pricing sales sheets, develop school partnership collateral, and to provide social media training and lead generation campaign strategies.

We’ve become LearningRx’s outsourced marketing department and work together through a monthly retainer. During our monthly marketing meetings, we introduce and discuss new strategies for LearningRx to continue to grow and reach more customers. We are pleased to help LearningRx of Atlanta grow their business and help more and more people discover the wonders of brain training.


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